Business Consulting Hellas



KPAG Consulting has a long experience in providing business advice in cases like mergers and acquisitions in Greece. We escort the project from the beginning until full realization, and keep close contact with our clients. This close contact continues during operation of the company. We escort our clients for example during the following phases:

Planning of a company

KPAG offers customized solutions to businesses of several financial sectors. Regarding companies belonging in the selling sector, Hyperion offers solutions that refer to:

Strategic consulting

The strategic orientation of every company is the cornerstone of its success. The preparation of a business strategy can hide many risks. Making decisions in advance can sometimes be quite difficult, if no reliable background exists. Business consultants bear a high degree of responsibility in order to guide their clients correctly. KPAG can fulfill all the clients’ needs that regard planning and strategic orientation of their business.


A core services that KPAG offers is conducting several researches and studies like:

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are the basic core of activities of KPAG. The law firm “KPAG Kosmidis and Partners” manages all the legal issues while HERMES EPE manages all the tax related issues thus being in position to provide the following services:



When it comes to business restructuring, KPAG’s services are offered in two levels. The first level suggests solutions that can be applied within the internal organization of a company and the second refers to the company itself.

Business restructuring measures to be implemented with reference to the internal organization of the business:

The second level may entail outsourcing, spin-off, etc.

Financial consulting

Nowadays, even more clients are interested in getting information on the existing funding programmes in order to expand their companies. KPAG offers advices on the following funding tools


KPAG offers consulting services that regard the existing subsidies programmes . KPAG can provide the most suitable advice on exploiting any financial tool. The new Greek investment law offers many chances for companies to get financed (the amount of money may cοme from European or local sources). We would be happy to inform for all the existing opportunities that would finance your investment in Greece.

Event planning

KPAG offers a wide range of services that regard event planning and preparation with the participation of people working at mass media. We can make all the necessary negotiations with suppliers on behalf of our clients who want to organize an event.